10 Things you didn’t know about Sync or Swim

1.      We have clients from all kinds of industries including:

§  Trade Services

§  Health professionals

§  Financial Services

§  Legal Services

§  Arts

§  General Insurance

§  Education

§  Hospitality

§  Community and Not for Profit

§  Safety and and Natural Disaster

§  Retail

2.      We will do just about anything for our clients, (as long as its legal J). Just ask Loz about her dead possum removal services.

3.      We are super diverse! In the space of one week we built a website for a client, recruited staff for another and wrote a board pack for another!

4.      As we are a small business our passion to help other small business in their journey is genuine.

5.      Our search for solutions to your business need is relentless.  If we don’t know the answer ourselves, we have a broad network of other people in business we can talk to - and we will do it quickly.

6.      You don’t need to be based in Brisbane for us to help.  We have clients both interstate and overseas! We use technology to enable interaction, for example we can remote log into your computer to help you with printing problems or a fancy formula in Excel; or use Skype, Viber or WhatsApp to have a meeting.

7.      The stresses of owning a business can take its toll at times, we are skilled at providing support to business owners through the tough times - these are often referred to as our Dr Phil sessions.

8.      We are the most mobile work force you can imagine. We have worked from car parks, hospital beds, and even issued documents at the pub via our iPhones.  If you want to be this mobile come and talk to us.

9.      We have a huge mental health focus and are partnering with Beyond Blue to help build the first ever mental health resources for business owners.

10.  We have the best playlists ever and one for every occasion - follow Loren Downing on Spotify for some awesome tunes!