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Clear Heads Assistance Program

Sync or Swim is pleased to annouce that it will be launching its Clear Heads employee and business owner assistance program in March 2014. This program will be directed by Jenny Downing, a credentialed mental health nurse, who is qualified to complete a mental health assessment, provide counselling, and recommend additional therapies and services for business owners and their employees.

Clear Heads is a community initiative, which Sync or Swim has been developing for some time. The program is aimed at providing small and medium size business owners and their employees with easy confidential access to qualified professional counseling, and mental health and well being services (as required). We are providing this service at cost.

At different times in our lives we are all faced with personal crises that can be difficult to confront and handle alone. Whether there be a sudden need for the service during a time of personal crises or a less urgent but important proactive desire to improve coping strategies and resilience, Sync or Swim wants to ensure that both business owners and their employees have access to qualified and professional assistance in times of need.

Jenny has a wealth of practical experience and her services can be offered over the phone in a completely confidential environment. Any services provided by Jenny in relation to the program will remain completely confidential from all Sync or Swim Staff.

Jenny’s experience and how she can help

Jenny is a registered mental health nurse and a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. She has completed a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mental Health.

Jenny can assist people in dealing with depression, drug and alcohol issues, stress, anxiety, gambling issues, relationship problems, grief and loss, financial stress, and various other personal crises. 

It does not matter how big or small you think your concerns or worries would be percieved by the rest of the world. If there is something in particular (big or small), which has been bothering you or causing your stress, or you are just not feeling yourself and don't know why, counselling can be a great starting point to help get you centered.  

If you are tired of feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated or worried all the time but don't know why, Jenny can help assist you to improve your self-awareness, emotional intelligence and resilience.

Jenny will also refer any users of the service to additional appropriate support services (as required) so as to ensure they receive the adequate care and assistance needed for their individual situation.

Business Owner Help

The Clear Heads program has been developed by Sync or Swim to benefit its clients and their employees. The program will be charged at cost with the aim of making it accessible to everyone. Jenny's counselling sessions will be charged at an hourly rate of $50, which is well below the market range of $70 to $150 per hour. 

Whilst as a business owner it is important to look out for your employees, it is equally important to look out for yourself as well. Did you know that the suicide rate among businesses owners is quite high and finally getting the attention it needs. We are proud to have been partnering with Beyond Blue to help design the first ever form of assistance targeted to this niche need. 

Perhaps you can relate to some of these feelings:

  • financial stress due to cash flow issues, lost clients, changed economy etc.
  • high levels of uncertainty - sometimes you just don't know when you will land the next client or order or sale!
  • of your mind is pretty much 24/7 diverting its attention to business stuff.
  • isolation and lack of support.
  • feeling responsible for bringing in enough money to cover wages, the bills, and support your loved ones.
  • guilt for not being able to take time off for important events, or to even just get better from health issues... at the end of the day you need the money and you can't see any other way.
  • of not being able to separate your work and your home life and the concept of having some "me time" is non existent.  
  • your business failing, looking like a goose, letting loved ones down, and feeling like a failure generally. 
  • that the only way out is suicide. 

Well, whilst it is normally to have these feelings when you are under such high strees, you truth is that you are not alone and you don't need to continue living with these feelings. And, that is where our Clear Heads program aims to help! 

Employees in your Business - Accessing the program

Many big business offer their employees an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of their benefits. So, we thought we could make availalbe a similar program for small business owners to access for their employees. And, we are providing it at cost price as we know how hard it is to find the cash flow for such things!

We are able to set up the program in a variety of ways specifically for each organisation's needs. Examples of ways to set up the program include the following:

  1. Some business owners may wish to offer their emplyees a free confidential counselling service, which can be provided to each employee via one hour sessions up to four times per year. In this situation, Sync or Swim will invoice the business for the services used without providing the details of who used the service. Jenny will confidentially keep track of who used the service to ensure each staff member's annual quota is not exceeeded. 
  2. Some business owners may wish to offer Jenny's services to employees on an "as required" basis and request that they approach them to organise with Jenny the delivery of the service to the employee. 
  3. Some business owners may wish to simply notify their employees of Jenny's services and her consultation rates to be organised and paid for by the employee.   

If you have any queries about Jenny's experience or accessing the program for your business, do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 851 281.

Therapies used by Jenny

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  • Dialetical Behaviour Therapy.

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