Client Case Study: Ladybird

LadyBird Home Loans is a professionally-licenced credit advisor (aka Mortgage Broker). LadyBird assists clients with their finance requirements for purchasing residential property through to commercial, industrial and business purchases.

Contrary to urban myth, to use a credit advisor does not cost you anymore than going to a lender (bank) directly. In fact, in most cases it saves you money!

The key benefit of using a credit advisor is that, unlike lenders, they can advise clients on the entire range of products on the market from banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders. Advisors can also educate clients on the important details of their loan, such as the distinction between fixed and variable interest rates; stand-alone security verses cross-collateralised loans, repayment options, interest only payments, refinancing and debt consolidation, amongst other issues. Additionally, their independent position and market power enables advisors to access the very best interest rates and terms on the market for your loan.

LadyBird has experienced rapid growth as a result of building a reputation for excellent advice and service. This is where Sync or Swim got involved.

Sync or Swim was given the opportunity to assist LadyBird to grow and streamline their operations and compliance. This included migrating to a ‘paperless office’ and overseeing recruitment and human resources strategy.

Sync or Swim approached this project with a view to utilising paperless technology to improve LadyBird’s document management system. Using PDF fillable form capabilities, we enabled LadyBird’s clients to complete their “paperwork” electronically using Adobe PDF reader on their computer. This update also increased LadyBird’s client reach geographically, by allowing forms to be completed and submitted on tablet and iPad devices. With the paperwork now digitised, all relevant documents could be easily and securely stored and retrieved together, eliminating the time lost in interpreting handwriting and scanning and storing paper documents.

Recruiting the right staff is essential to the success of any business. Sync or Swim assisted LadyBird to conduct a strategic review of their operations and determine what the business needed in their new hires. We were able to help LadyBird effectively capture the key benefits, roles and responsibilities of the newly-created positions, and market these to a broad audience through Seek, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Sync or Swim’s commitment to understanding the clients’ work environment and practises makes our recruitment specialists ideally placed to assess candidates for cultural fit.  Having built strong ties with LadyBird’s existing team, we were able to select candidates that bought the necessary technical knowledge whilst fitting seamlessly with the team ethic. To take the compliance burden off LadyBird, we provided them with Fair Work Compliant Employment Contracts, Position Descriptions and KRA’s. Navigating the National Employment Standards and Various Awards is a cumbersome task, and one LadyBird opted to outsource to SOS. The results have spoken for themselves, and LadyBird has continued to grow strongly year on year, with Sync or Swim assisting to source five excellent new employees over two years.  And, nope, we don’t charge a % of the salary like recruitment agents; we simply bill by the hour and save the client a bucket load!

Sync or Swim recently assisted LadyBird with their diversification and expansion into conveyancing, with LadyBird Conveyancing’s expertise now offered as a complementary service with home loans. We went on to recruit an experienced conveyancing paralegal to complement their existing service offerings.

Sync or Swim has been proud to partner with LadyBird as they have grown their footprint and service offerings. Throughout that time, LadyBird has been recognised with a number of national awards to highlight their commitment to client service and genuine desire to help their clients achieve their financial dreams. It brings us a great sense of satisfaction to work with a client that has embraced our working relationship and leveraged our ideas to offer a better experience to both their clients and employees.

If you need assistance with conveyancing (buying or selling, at a fixed price!) or sourcing the right loan, we highly recommend LadyBird. Unlike banks and other competitors, they will spend time giving you actual credit and loan structuring advice and recommendations tailored to your personal circumstances. As an Australian Credit Licence holder, the organisation has direct access to the biggest and smallest lenders on the market. You can contact them on:

 1300 523 924