Cloud computing the basics

No doubt by now you have heard a little bit about cloud computing or even of a business you know of making the transition to a cloud-based server. This area of IT is really starting to make some ground and has the ability to make your business more mobile and its IT systems more streamlined.

In regards to IT, the term “cloud” essentially means via the Internet. Having a cloud-based server means that your business server is accessed virtually over the Internet as opposed to through a physical server located within your office.

There are a number of advantages to having your business operate via the cloud as opposed to a more traditional server within your officer. Such advantages include:

  1. Reduced infrastructure costs. By transitioning to the cloud, your business may no longer need to invest in large bulky and expensive physical servers at its various locations.
  2. Much easier mobile access to your business documents. By having your office in the cloud you are able to access your business on the go from anywhere in the world so long as you are connected to the Internet. Often this can be done on any computer or even your smart phone. For example, you are in the middle of a business meeting and suddenly want to share something on file with those around you – no worries. Just tap into the cloud in the moment via your smart phone and presto its there. 
  3. Once set up, providing your employees with mobile access is very straightforward, which makes it much easier for your organisation to have a flexible work environment where employees can work at home or on location with the added benefit of having the entire office system at their disposal. This means no loss to productivity. 
  4. All your office documents will be in sync on every machine. Meaning that if one employee updates a document, other employees using other machines will also be able to have access to that document in its updated form. This reduces the need for employees to email files to each other throughout the day. 
  5. You can share large folders with your customers and clients to avoid the need to attach large files to emails.
  6. You pay for what you need. Many of the cloud providers offer various amounts of data space ranging from a few gigs to enormous amounts. Whilst it is not free, there are more and more cloud providers out there making the market very competitive and reasonable. As your business expands you can buy more space.

Whilst choosing the right cloud provider for your business may seem daunting, Sync or Swim has a lot of experience in this area and can help you make the right decision for your business. We can even assist you with implementing the new system into your day-to-day operations. With the right training these systems can be picked up quickly by anyone so don’t miss out because you’re unsure whether you will be able to adapt – we know you can!

Article by: Paul Bright, Business Development and Compliance Specialist.

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