Compliance Self Review Questionnaire

Compliance does not have to be scary!

Sync or Swim can provide you all the support you need to ensure you have your WHS, HR, Food Quality systems, policies and procedures robust.

If you are unsure if your systems are strong enough, you may benefit from completing our Compliance Self Review Questionnaire. You can buy this for $20 + GST by emailing us at Many of the questions would be asked of you in the event of an external audit by WHS Qld, ATO, Fair Work, Work Cover etc. 

The questions themselves will give you insight into what you need to have in place to keep these auditors happy and the fines away! It is considered best practice to ensure your workers, customers and the public are safe, and that your workers are being paid appropriately etc. 

Depending on what state or territory you are in, your exposure to WHS negligence could be both financial and jail time. Fines could be up to:

  • Corporation: up to $3 million
  • Individual as a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) or an officer: up to $600 000 / 5 years jail
  • Individual e.g. worker: up to $300 000/ 5 years jail.

The Fair Work have set the maximum penalty per contravention at $54,000 for a corporation, and $10,800 for an individual. This can then be uncapped if litigation kicks in. 

Don't get caught out! Make sure you understand your obligations and you put the right systems in place to protect yourself, your workers, the public, and your business.