Five keys for stepping into your success mindset……..

Hi, my name is Wendy and I am a fixed mindset…oholic, in transformation! J

Having grown up in a family with personal insecurities and little example of success and confidence, I unconsciously adopted a similar mindset. It was a mindset steeped in low self-esteem, fear of ridicule and feelings of inferiority. After years of enquiry and searching for relief, living through good days and bad like most of us, I found out it was a ‘fixed learning mindset’. A mindset that believed my talents and intellect was fixed, effort was undesirable and challenge and failure should be avoided at all costs lest I couldn’t achieve and everyone found out about said ‘inferiority’. 

Finding out about mindsets and neuroscience related theories was mind expanding for me. I wasn’t inferior; I was living in the limited mindset passed down by my family and some of my ancestors before them! With a steady meditation practise in place creating awareness of my thoughts and feelings, the growth mindset theory then helped me see the alternative thoughts and feelings required to be more successful and less restricted.

Armed with growing awareness and new confidence, I set off for the journey of my lifetime to prove to myself that I could overcome fear and I could change the nature of my mindset.  So with a solo voyage through Peru, Tanzania and Spain this year, I have proved that to myself. I now see that success is a process, a series of steps that if followed with courage and resilience can be reached. I now see that barriers can be reduced to hurdles and that consistent effort and reflection is the magic that transforms ideas into actions and then achievements.

So how is this relevant for your business?

A fixed mindset person is generally self-involved, judgemental, scared of failure and self-protective.

People with a growth mindset are more committed to succeeding and improving. They put in effort, they collaborate, they learn from mistakes, they have resilience in the face of change and they see opportunity in problems.  If you want your business to succeed you need to be recruiting for ‘growth mindsets’ and helping to cultivate and expand them within your organisation.

We all move between fixed and growth mindsets in varying situations but more can be done to maximise our awareness and application of the growth mindset for personal and business growth and success.

What can you do to influence your mindset and the mindsets of your team?

1.      Learn about it. The first stage to creating awareness is education.

2.      Identify where a fixed mindset might be holding you back and work to change it. For businesses this can be setting up a growth mindset culture to ensure the behavioural expectations are set, understood and supported.

3.      Praise your own and other people’s effort and not their talents or personality. Praise of the person makes people scared of future failure, and they will lie, cheat or opt out to avoid failing.

4.      See failure as the ‘First Attempt In Learning’ and inevitable steps on the path to success and therefore opportunities to learn how not to do something or how to do it better.

5.      Set yourself a goal in your area of fear to change your belief about your ability to learn.

As Sir Richard Branson says: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

Want to know more?

Wendy Somerville, now part of the Sync or Swim team is a Change Manager and Growth Coach passionate about empowering people to realise their peak state. Developing awareness of current Neuroscience findings and building desire to live with more passion and purpose, people can become a business’s strategic growth platform.

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