Going paperless – the future is here

Having a near paperless office is no longer an unattainable dream. The benefits of making the transition go far beyond the mere aesthetics of a clean and tidy office.

In the age of smart phones, tablets and small laptops, there is little need for traditional paper quotes, letters, invoices, brochures and receipts.

Whilst making the transition to a paperless operating system for your business will require some investment of capital, in little time the savings gained through reduced sundry expenses (paper, stamps etc) and increased productivity (reduced administration staff time etc) should neutralise the initial expenditure and convert to savings in your company’s bottom line.

Going paperless can also have a positive impact on your organisation’s image and brand. A paperless system that works well looks innovative and reassures your customers that you are at the top of the game and moving with the times.

Customers simply love it! A tradesperson can come to a property with a complete quote form on his/her ipad and send it to the customer’s email and the company’s office email live in the moment. The customer is happy they have a detailed quote in their inbox they can refer to and can’t lose. The tradesperson is happy as he/she have a record of the quote in the office email they can refer to at anytime and best of all no build up of paper around the tradesperson’s office or customer’s home.

Sync or Swim can help your business convert any document into a functional PDF form. In the past, we have successfully assisted all types of trades, medical practices and various professions to streamline their business operations with the use of functional PDF forms.

We review your current paper work such as quotes, terms and conditions, invoices etc and convert it all into a document which you open on your ipad or mobile and complete while out in the field.

The PDF forms are easy to fill in and can speed up your quoting times. For items that you quote regularly we can have a simple tick and flick system or selectable drop down boxes to save you having to fill out the form. The possibilities are almost endless so give a us call today to see how Sync or Swim can save your business time and money.

Article by: Paul Bright, Business Development and Compliance Specialist.