I'm in Business already!

Already started your business? Or been in the game a while?

Some established businesses come to us because they:

  • Have grown so fast that their back office has fallen apart and they feel like they are chasing their tail and things are getting out of control.
  • Need help with all things compliance (HR, WHS, Fair Work etc). If you would like to buy our Compliance Self Review Questionnaire - you can read more about it here
  • Have the tax man chasing them.
  • Are being interrogated by Fair Work, Workplace Health & Safety Inspectors, Work Cover and the like.
  • Are no longer making a profit or seem to be working harder to make the same.
  • Are frustrated by relentlessly having to engage and motivate their staff, or sort out people squabbles.
  • Have suffered some form of disaster – health/accident related or even a natural disaster and they are looking to us to help steady the ship and get everything back in order.
  • Want help finding some real $ savings and developing ways to boost productivity.
  • Need us to conduct a business health check to make sure that there are no hidden time bombs ticking away or ways it improve!
  • Want to see if they are charging enough for their product / service and making the profit they deserve.
  • Want help to grow and diversify their business either geographically or through generating different income streams when they were not sure how to go about it.
  • Know they could get more out of their staff but aren’t sure how to.
  • Are need help to sleep better at night knowing they are meeting their compliance obligations (Fair Work, Work Cover, Workplace Health & Safety). Ensuring that compliance is achieved in such a way that it actually adds value to the business rather than being a burden of extra paperwork slowing down $ making

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