I need a sounding board!

Do you have something on your mind and just want to run it past someone? 

Do you need someone to play devil's advocate with an idea or perception you have on something? 

Do you have a big problem to solve and need a hand muddling through your thoughts?

Do you have an opportunity on your hands but are not sure how to attack it? 

Are you facing an issue with an employee, supplier or customer? And do you want to talk it through with someone who can help you with the right solution? 

Do you find yourself feeling a bit lonely in your business as the owner and would love to have a sounding board for issues, ideas, opportunities, or day to day things? 

Sync or Swim are renowned for their problem solving skills, their creative ideas, their solutions focussed attitude, their experience across a range of topics. And, they are extremely calm in a crises and can be just the support you need to get things on track or cracking!

People Issues

1:1 Leadership & Business Management Coaching

Partnership Pre Nups

Business Breakups