Making Safety Sexy

Sync or Swim is making safety sexy


On the 1st January 2012 new Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Regs went live in Qld, NSW, NT, and ACT. The stragglers are WA and Victoria who are yet to pass the changes. You may have heard the buzz word "harmonisation" around the traps, but basically that is corporate slang for trying to make Australians consistent with our approach to WHS.

What does this mean?

Well in a nutshell there are many things you need to do to ensure that you can demonstrate you have the right systems and processes in place to reduce the likelihood or eliminate injuries, illness and death in your workplace.

In the event of a breach the maximum penalty is $3m for corporations, and 5 years imprisonment. Obviously this is for a serious scenario, primarily when a duty holder recklessly endangers a person.

But, even workers or individuals can be fined $150,000 and imprisoned. So it is really important to ensure you are doing everything in your power to protect all. And of course this does not just mean doing the paperwork required to avoid the consequences of fines and jail. It is important we all work towards genuinely trying to reduce injuries and death! Here is why:

In 2009-10 there were 216 workers who died of work-related injuries.

79 workers died while commuting to or from work

42 bystanders died as a result of someone else's work activity

What could trigger an investigation by a WHS authority figure?

- an injury

- a complaint by any person in the public, a worker, a contractor, anyone really

- a random audit

So, how can we help?

Well, we can help you ensure that you meet the requirements as far as procedures and systems are concerned. Ensure you have the right reporting mechanisms in place and that you are "consulting" (another buzz word under the regs) with your workers appropriately. But most importantly our clients give us feedback that we bring a new perspective! You are in the rut of the doing at work, day in day out, and sometimes you can not see what may actually be a risk!

How do we make it sexy you ask?

Well, we have designed a heap of iPad forms and tools to make the process paperless and simple and "more fun" to do! They are pretty cool and speed up the process so that you don't get bogged down printing, writing, scanning, filing etc. And, more importantly they are really affordable.

So, over to you! Can you sleep at night with your current systems and processes? If not and it is weighing on your mind just get in touch so we can help you make WHS Sexy!

Article by: Loren Downing, Director.