Shredding - Tony's Records Management

Sync or Swim® are specialists in creating paperless environments!

SOS can either scan and electronically store your documents, then shred your paper records or cut to the chase and simply shred and dispose.

Why are we in the shredding business?

Well, we want to support Tony with employment. 

Prior to working at Sync or Swim® Tony was a teacher....In 2003, Tony graduated from the University of Queensland, having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science - Human Movement Studies in the Field of Education. He taught Physical Education at Toogoolawah and then at Sheldon College.

In 2006, a car tragically hit Tony, he was in a coma for 3 months and endured numerous brain surgeries. The odds were against him, but he defeated every obstacle thrown at him.

He spent 2 years in intensive rehabilitation and he lived in specialised care during this time. Tony has made a remarkable recovery, however, his brain injury means he has lost the ability to speak and has also sustained mild vision and mobility impairment. 

He does however have sensational hearing, is a guru at charades and embraces many other methods of communication!

In 2015 our business needed someone to manage our records, we needed a person who we could trust to confidentially scan our paperwork, create an electronic record and then shred the paper record once done. We knew of Tony’s story and were keen to provide him with an opportunity to return to the workforce.

It is a true success story, Tony provides exceptional support to us here at Sync or Swim® in keeping our environment paperless and supporting our clients achieve the same. Our business is super proud of what Tony is achieving at work and we are excited about offering you his services.

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