Sync or Swim's Year in Review

Carrying on from the success of 2013, Sync or Swim took another great leap forward in 2014. In spite of significant external commitments, personnel changes and health issues, Sync or Swim has emerged from 2014 in the healthiest position it has ever been in, so it is time that we reflected on the year that was at SOS HQ.

 Undoubtedly the biggest change at SOS for 2014 was the departure of Mr Paul Bright. In November, Paul decided that it was time to improve his work-life balance and work closer to his new home up at Noosa, and improve his surfs-per-week ratio! In such an early phase of Sync or Swim’s development, Paul’s skill and passion for the job was critical in getting the company to where it is today. The team at SOS wish him all the best, and are extra appreciative for all his hard work.

As always, when one door closes, another opens and therefore, Paul’s departure coincided with the addition of Carrie Duda and Tony O’Brien to the SOS team. Both are only in the beginning of their time here but are already integral cogs of the SOS machine. Carrie is fulfilling administration duties, completing our clients’ recruitment functions, and acting as our quality controller. Tony is our records manager and making sure we practice what we preach with maintaining a paperless office!

We can announce that we are trialling a contractor for all things WHS and HR, but their appointment is currently confidential due to their “real job” commitments! They come with a Bachelor’s degree in Business (with majors in WHS & HR), and extensive experience within the field of supporting small business. So, rest assured, if you need us for anything WHS or HR, we are ready to assist.

It wasn’t just the makeup of the SOS team that changed throughout the year, but the SOS footprint continues to grow as well. New clients throughout Australia was just the tip of the iceberg as SOS expanded its reach to include Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon Islands and India in addition to established relations in Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. Whilst such a diverse and extensive client base has stretched the team at times, the dynamic nature of working with such a variety of clients has made 2014 an exciting time to be a part of Sync or Swim.

2014 also saw Sync or Swim extend its relationship with the Sydney Kings. Following some big off season signings, 2014 promised to be a big year for the Kings and after a difficult start the team is starting to look good entering the latter half of the season and Sync or Swim will be with them all the way to the finals.

 The 24th of October saw Sync or Swim burn rubber in the inaugural SOS Go Karting Challenge. Following numerous bumps, crashes and spin-outs, Paul emerged victorious in a tightly fought contest as the team celebrated a successful year on the track. Don’t mind the pun!

 As for the rest of the team, David has just returned from Hong Kong where he gained valuable experience working in a foreign judicial system. Liam has just recently completed his Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce degrees, whilst Loren is currently fighting fit and healthier than ever as she looks to push on to bigger and better things.

At times tough, at times fun, at times stressful, and occasionally all three, 2014 was a ground-breaking year for Sync or Swim. We would all like to thank each and every person that has helped us get to where we are and look forward to continuing the great work as we move forward. All that has happened throughout the past year has made 2014 the biggest one yet at SOS, and one can only imagine what awaits us in 2015!