Using social media in your business

As a business owner, it is important to understand how social media can be effectively used to make a connection between your business and customers. Whenever potential clients are looking for a new product or service, they are likely to do a search on social media, not only to learn more about your brand, but also to see what others are saying about your brand or business.

As companies are creating social media strategies as part of their marketing, its good to know what is and isn’t effective. Here are some tips for a social media strategy in your business:

1.     Not every post should overtly promote your business.  Mix it up so that your posts share valuable information for readers. This can include general business and social stories.

2.     Share your expertise by posting little-known facts, perhaps in the form of questions with a special offer for whoever answers correctly.

3.     It is essential to understand what you want to achieve for your business through social media, so it’s important to set some clear goals.  These may include things like increasing referral traffic to your website, driving e-commerce purchases, or lead generation.

4.     Know your market and go local.  If you have a physical business location, use social media to reach potential customers in your local area with targeted content.

5.     Don’t limit yourself to just Facebook or Twitter. Explore all of the social media networks available, including LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Using a tool such as Hootsuite will allow you to connect to many social platforms at one time, which allows a far more efficient way of managing your posts, and provides you with data to measure follower growth and engagement.

6.     Create a plan and allocate time each day to managing your social media networks.  It’s a good idea to join groups and communities that will help you target specific demographics and participate in conversations.

7.     Always remember to welcome any new followers and thank them for sharing your content!

Remember Social Media isn’t about quick wins, it takes time and effort to find the right network to reach your target audience.